The Elusive Pimpernel
Baroness Orczy

Chapter I - Paris: 1793
Chapter II - A Retrospect
Chapter III - Ex-ambassador Chauvelin
Chapter IV - The Richmond Gala
Chapter V - Sir Percy and his Lady
Chapter VI - For the Poor of Paris
Chapter VII - Premonition
Chapter VIII - The Invitation
Chapter IX - Demoiselle Candeille
Chapter X - Lady Blakeney's Rout
Chapter XI - The Challenge
Chapter XII - Time­Place­Conditions
Chapter XIII - Reflections
Chapter XIV - The Ruling Passion
Chapter XV - Farewell
Chapter XVI - The Passport
Chapter XVII - Boulogne
Chapter XVIII - No. 6
Chapter XIX - The Strength of the Weak
Chapter XX - Triumph
Chapter XXI - Suspense
Chapter XXII - Not Death
Chapter XXIII - The Hostage
Chapter XXIV - Colleagues
Chapter XXV - The Unexpected
Chapter XXVI - The Terms of the Bargain
Chapter XXVII - The Decision
Chapter XXVIII - The Midnight Watch
Chapter XXIX - The National Fête
Chapter XXX - The Procession
Chapter XXXI - Final Dispositions
Chapter XXXII - The Letter
Chapter XXXIII - The English Spy
Chapter XXXIV - The Angelus
Chapter XXXV - Marguerite

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