Appendix I: Members of the League

This list has been drawn up as accurately as existing documents permit.

A. The original League or Founder Members who formed the party on August 2nd, 1792, nine in number:

Sir Andrew Ffoulkes (second in command)
Lord Anthony Dewhurst
Lord Edward Hastings
Lord John Bathurst
Lord Stowmarries
Sir Edward Mackenzie
Sir Philip Glynde
Lord Saint Denys
Sir Richard Galveston

B. Members enrolled in January, 1793, ten in number:

Sir Jeremiah Wallescourt
Lord Kulmstead (the only traitor to the band)
George Fanshaw
Anthony Holte
John Hastings (Lord Edward's cousin)
Lord Everingham
Sir George Vigor, Bart.
The Hon. St. John Devinne
Michael Barstow of York
Armand St. Just (Marguerite's brother)