The Scarlet Pimpernel Looks at the World
A Holiday Book for Young and Old but Not for the Highbrow

by Baroness Orczy

Many special thanks to J. Randolph Cox for researching and providing the original text! We are truly in your debt!

Table of Contents

Sir Percy Blakeney Puts up His Quizzing-Glass
II  Romantic Britons
III  But Romance Does Not Come Unsought
IV  Let Modern Youth Have Its Head
V  But Do Not Allow Progress to Become a Steamroller
VI  Where Are Your Corinthians To-day?
VII  Success? A Practical Talk to the Ambitious
VIII  Your Lives Are as Colourful To-day as Ever They Were
IX  And Romance Still Pays
X  But You Must Live Dangerously
XI  Romantic Radio
XII  Away to El Dorado
XIII  The Romance of Patriotism
XIV  The Worst Blot on Your Civilization
XV  The Glamour of Old Things
XVI  One Word on the Importance of Universal Goodwill
XVII  To the Ladies -- God Bless' Em!
XVIII  Is Love a Dry Business Nowadays?
XIX  Has Progress Got Ahead of You?
XX  Give Your Children a Chance
XXI  The Unimportance of Wealth for its Own Sake
XXII  Who Said That Petticoat Government No Longer Exists?
XXIII  Two Heads Are Better Than One
XXIV  Are Women Really Selfish?
XXV  Love is Still Life's Most Romantic Adventure
XXVI  What is the Price of Love?
XXVII  Perfect Lover, Perfect Husband?
XXVIII  Leaving You at the Altar


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