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 "Sink me! I've never seen a French soldier of your . . . magnitude!"

 "X-Y-Z, my good sir!"

 "Odd's fish! Is that your real nose?"

 "Gadzook! But they do have surgery for that these days, you know."

~ Spencer

 "What have you done to your hair? Do you go to Crazy Meg's Hair Cuttery or what, my dear fellow?"

~ Sir Dingly-Dang


~The Lieutenant

 "Odd's Fish, where DID you get those shoulder pads my good man?"

~ Recluse

 " good boy, has anyone told you that it isn't Halloween just yet?"


 Marguerite thinking: "Don't laugh, don't laugh...~chortle~"

~Colonel Klink

Percy thinking:: "Ewwwwwwww.  When was the last time this guy had lettuce?  Forget it, I don't want to know."

~ margot

 "Sink me! Fashions ceartainly have changed nowadays...who knew camoflauge was back in?"

~ Lizzie Blakeney

"You've always liked a man in uniform? Well, m'dear, there's no accounting for taste."

~ Anonymous

"Marguerite, dearest? When did your hair get so... big?"

~ Kitty

 "I say, good fellow, if you do not kindly avert your eyes from my wife's bosom, I shall have you royally flogged."

~ sirmixalot

 *thinking* "If I raise my monocle a bit, I can catch the Sun's rays and set fire to that abomination of a cravat that guard is wearing."

~ Elyse

 "Zounds, man! But to think you'd dare say THAT in the presence of a lady! "

~ Madie St. Just
"Now we shall see if I can blow bubbles!"

~ Anonymous

"I'faith on my honour, don't know which one of you was responsible for that noxious malodour, but kindly own up and dash it all, jolly well apologise forthwith... zounds 'tis like to the breath of Cerebus after a rorty night on the Rue de Planchet!!"

~ Sir Robert of Irving

Percy thinking: "Sink me! If I didn't forget to bring my papers! Think of something quick Percy.."

~ Anonymous

"Gad, it cannot be!!! No!!! Call the police!!! No... HE'S NOT WEARING A CRAVAT??"

~ Loni

Sir Percy: "Zounds! So that's what they're accessorizing with, Margot! No, no...Sink me, I'll stick with m'English fashion, thank need to smell like the French...demme..."

~ Jacobite

"Sink me! Are those worms on your head?"

~ Sandra Blakeny

 "Citizen Bibot...Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

~ Petite Marguerite

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