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 "Oh, dear God! That is the most hideous cravat I've ever seen!"
 "Isn't that my cravat pin??"

 Percy: "Well aren't you just a sexy hunk of meat? Mmm!"

Chauvelin {thinking}: "I feel so violated."

  I suppose I could condescend to give you one lesson--and only one--on how to properly tie a cravat. Shall we schedule a date?

~ Ladies of H.

 "That cravat is the least of your problems!"

~ D

 *gasp* "No, no....the cravat is fine...but may I ask why you don't have any trousers on?"

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

"Now you've gone and spilt brandy on your waistcoat, Chauvelin -- you should wear a big bib, like me."

~ Lady DeLuca

 "And you seriously thought Marguerite was going to marry *you*? ... whatever you say, my dear fellow..."

~ Cassandra

"Sink me! Was your dad a baker because honey you've got some nice buns! I'll be your Pimpernel. It's you they seek everywhere."

~ Madame Advert

 Chauvelin [thinking]: "Do I have enough reason to guillotine this fellow now?  Especially if he pokes my eye out with that confounded eyeglass...."

~ Polly

"Where do you get your cravats,my dear fellow? I get these from Fancy Fine Cravats myself."

~ Lizzie Blakeney

"Are you implying,my good sir,that you have always tied your cravat like that?"

~ Lizzie Blakeney

 "I came across some letters of Marguerite's signed with the letters A.C.  Must be some sort of code, don't you think?   Air Conditioning?  Area Code?  Aristo Catcher...."

~ Ladies of H

 "Is that Margurite's hair ribbon?  And if so...does she know you nicked it from her dressing room? Hmm? On the other hand, it does suits you rather well!"

~ Anonymous

 "Careful, m'dear fellow... you wouldn't want to prick yourself with that pin!"

~ Sassy

 "Excuse me, mon-sewer Chambertin, but my monocle seems to be caught in the sleeve of your...dreadfully out of fashion...coat."

~ Elyse
 "Ummmmmm, and where in the world my dear fellow, did you get that?!"

~ TonysSecret

"Odds-fish, m'dear fellow, how do you keep those hands so nice-looking? I sware they are a sight nicer than those cuffs!"

~ Lady Juliette

Thinking: "Sink me if that isn't the most disasterous cuff in england, it almost mathches his face!"

~ Anonymous 

"Zounds man! There may be a Revolution on but there really is no excuse for that cravat."

~ Anonymous

"Oh no, black will never catch on!"

~ Anonymous

<Yawn> "Zounds, this conversation lends a new definition to the term "boredom". La, never have I met a more repugnant, stuffy weasel."

~ Charlotte Corday

"Sink me! Were you in the dark when you picked out socks, my good man? They don't match your trousers! *sympathetic tongue clicking* Next time, I recommend a candle."

~ Anonymous

"Chauvelin[thinking]"O, the English and their STUPID sense of fashion!"

~ Anonymous

"What do you mean, the cravat pin's not for sale?"

~ Loni

"Zounds man!'Tis confoundly impolite to fix your noxious cravat in public!"

~ ME

"Gadzooks, man! You meen to tell me that's how ALL the men in France tie there cravats!?! Marguerite! Cancel our trip to Paris!!!!"

~ Anonymous

"Very good! Now, take what you have in your left hand and tuck it under the loop you just made. VERY good M. Chambertin! Sink me! In no time flat you'll be tying your cravat just as well as me!"

~ A nonny mouse

"Watch me as I sneeze all over that horrible coat..."

~ Loni

"Um, M. Chambertin, are you aware that your trousers are on backwards?"

~ Sandra Blakeny

 "Were you taught to wear such hideous clothes or does it come naturally?"

~ Anonymous

"Really, Monsieur Chambertin, next I'll be seeing you in a long gray beard and point hat!"

~ Petite Marguerite

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