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 "And that's when I said to Monsieur Chauvelin, 'Well, Duh!!'"

"Ooo! I think I just sat on my cravat pin!"

 "What was A&E thinking?!?"

~ D

 "And Chauvelin was all like 'Whoa!' and I was all 'Whoooa!' and Chauvelin was like 'Whooooaa!' It was groovy!"

~ Surfer Dude

 "My God, I just simply cannot believe it! They have a new kind of way to tie a Cravat? If only I had thought of it! Begads!"

~ Lady_Chauvelin_03

 "OH! Margot! what are you doing? I don't know, I don't care, but one thing I do know is...I LIKE IT!!!!"

~ Rachael Scarlette

"Zounds, Margot! can necklines be any lower?! not that I mind..."

~ Lady Foulkes

  "Help! I think I just saw Tony's DREADFUL cravat!"

~ Lizzie Blakeney

 "Begad! but I think I have a wedgie. Hold on, my good sir..."

~ Lady Foulkes

"What? Monsier Chaumbertin hates me? Well! I never!"

~ Froggie

 "Oh Lud.... I think I missed an appointment with my tailor!"

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

"You like Chauvelin's cravat more than mine?"

~ Ladies of H

"You think Chauvelin is the Scarlet Pimpernel?"

~ Ladies of H

 "Chambertain is doing what to Margot?!"

~ Anonymous

 "So you see, m'dear, that blasted Frenchie very rudely knocked his rifle into my head, and I've been like this ever since..."

~ Dori

 Sir Percy never believed his mother when she told him that if he made that face for too long it would freeze like that......

~ Shadow13

Lenord Nemoy narrating: After caffinated energy drinks were introduced in the late eighteenth century, many of the upper class discovered that there could be to much of a good thing.

~ Kira
 "Margot-mon cheri- I found that lost needle of yours! How many time do I have to ask, PLEASE do not leave them laying around!"

~ Madie St. Just
 "It's the botox! I can't show emotion for another hour and a half."

~ E-Gad Galooga

"No! I sneaked into the Committe of Public Safety!!! I've died and gone to

~ Loni

"Percy cunningly disguises himself as a man whose intellectual prowess is questionable and whose shocked expression has attained permanancy...a fool-proof disguise, to be sure."

~ Anonymous

"Me? Gay? What ever would make you suggest that?"

~ Anonymous

"And so your back,from outer space. With that same look you had onyour face."

~ Anonymous

"And when I thought I had seen the worst of cravat tying!"

~ Sandra Blakeny

"You want me to wear that??"

~ Lady Poet
"Why the hell is everyone breaking out in song and dancing about?!"

~ BlackBird21
"Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my cravat drawer?!"

~ Lady Catherine de Bhourg
"Zounds!! But will someone please remove this stinking excuse for French cheese out of my sitting room?!"

~ Wildflower

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