"Le Danse Macabre"

by Rachael Scarlette

Serious action,
Fascination sincere,
Made all foggy the day
Once so bright and clear.

Audacious enigma,
Melts into black,
Laughing at what
His enemies do lack.

Making, creating,
Hilarious farce.
Something at which
The British can laugh.

Consummate maestro,
Playing the game.
With expert precision
Places his aim.

Professional magician,
Organising confusion.
He makes the terror
One massive illusion.

The actor retires,
Accepting applause.
Repeated performance.
Never a pause.

Resulting lives number hundreds,
Another mission achieved.
Concocted by means
That cannot be believed.

Justice reigns through a
Reputation carved,
Fashioned by dancing -
Le Danse Macabre.