by Rachael Scarlette

Challenge unspoken.
Pledge unbroken.
Tense and nervous energy.
Itching to get his enemy.
Swords out in a second,
Each to the other beckoned,
By false strikes, remarks and teases.
Leaving the other to reply as he pleases.
Things get serious, tension mounts,
Instinct leaves behind all doubts.
Start to cirle, eyes catch fire,
Maddened tempers forced higher and higher....
1,2 fall to it fighting.
Thrust and parry quick has lightening.
Lauch attack with expert timing.
The two opponents dance around,
Till one is lifeless upon the ground,
While the other is homeward bound.
Swords smash.
Metal clash.
Nerves dash.
Bodies block, thrust and tarry,
Defending oppenents every parry.
From the battle sparks fly,
One of them doomed to die.
The hilt finds its target: He flounders,
Applause and cheers from all the Bounders.
Disarmed oppenent, conquered beginner,
He falls over, perfect sinner,
The Scarlet Hand, obvious winner.

He turns and looks round in dismay,
He'd rather give his own,
Then take a life away.