Haiku Page

The French soldier shouts:
"It's the Scarlet Pimpernel!"
Chauvelin is depressed.

"You've taken lessons!
Your cravat is a picture!
Not limp anymore!"

"I can't tie this thing!"
Percy whines. Marguerite laughs,
"You have no brains left."

Final instructions:
"And remember, don't get caught,"
Percy warns his men.

Percy speaks French well:
"Qui à coupé le fromage?"
How impertinent!

Can you direct me
To the nearest Guillotine?
-- Say "God save the King!"

While at a dinner,
Blakeney is kind to Chauvelin:
"Care for some pepper?"

Sir Percy exclaims:
"I much prefer French brandy...
It's in my pocket."

A game of Hazzard?
Percy has no luck tonight.
The Prince is most pleased.

On the Dover cliffs,
A woman weeps and wonders
If he will return.
~ Jennifer

The Citizen sees
His mocking, lazy blue eyes . .
But it is too late.

"It is he again!"
Chauvelin voiced his deep woe,
"That demmed Pimpernel!"
~ Lady Katherine

What more could you want
Than men in frou-frou and lace
And dressed to the nines!
~Lady Katherine

They think him a loon,
An elusive Englishman.
But for him they swoon.
~ Margot

Percy is perfect:
Witty, strong, and (swoon) handsome.
Lucky Marguerite!
~ Elenna Croyden

Strong against the flow
of evil mens' strong passion
for aristos blood.
~ Elenna Croyden

Crimson petals bright-
Your colour ever brighter
as the days go by.
~ Elenna Croyden

Simple red flower,
the life-blood of so many;
May you ever grow.
~ Elenna Croyden

He may seem a fop,
But not to the aristos.
He is their only hope!
~ Sarah

He moves like lightning
His blade sings, gorgeous smile, wink:
Percy Triumphant!
~ rayn

Fop, mayhaps hero
Dares scarlet swords for Frenchy lives
Rides side a'straddle
~ Esterbrook

Pale eyes, vulpine; cruel
A gaze that makes men tremble
A look that can kill
~ Lord Peter

His ring sears her hand
Realization robs her breath
She has betrayed him
~ Cassandra de Feuillide

Sink me, Chauvelin!
Your tailors have betrayed you!
Awful French fashion.
~ Sink Me

A man so disguised
A man of honor and love:
Scarlet Pimpernel
~ Jeffrey Wong

The Dauphin was gone,
The Pimpernel strikes again,
Chauvelin was enraged.
~ Lizzie Blakeney

Five petals glow red
A twin to Chauvelin's face,
How angry he is.
~ Moreta