The Crimson Pimpernel

They search up high, they search down low
They look wherever they happen to go
Who is this man? No one can tell -
That terribly Crimson Pimpernel!

The Pimpernel Book Saga
I've scavanged here, I've rummaged there,
I've looked for that book everywhere!
And don't you know that I'm in hell
Without my lovely Pimpernel?

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

Sink me!

He "sinks me" here, he "sinks me" there,
Sir Percy "sinks me" everywhere!
Is it just in the movies or does he say it in the book?
I guess I'll have to go and look!

~ A Pimpernel Nut

Oh brother!

She quotes it here, she quotes it there,
She quotes Sir Percy EVERYWHERE,
She thinks she's in heaven, I know I'm in hell.
My sister's obsessed with pimpernel!

~ The brother of A Pimpernel Nut

More Book Saga

I've sought this book here, I've sought this book there,
I've sought this great book quite everywhere!
And I finally got to order it
Soon I'll meet with Percy and Marguerite!

~ Clémentine-Marguerite

Le maison du,
Le maison twa--
Le Frenchie un du sacque le blah!
Commcee commca le un toilu?
Le pimpernel comme sacque le blu!

~ Le Du-fra

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